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Award winning Black American author Evelyn Allen Johnson has always counted writing among her greatest passions.

Award winning Black American author Evelyn Allen Johnson has always counted writing among her greatest passions.


Evelyn Allen Johnson

A Registered Nurse, Cum Laude, Evelyn graduated from Howard University’s School of Nursing, formerly Freedman’s Hospital School of Nursing. She later obtained a B.S.N. and P.H.N. from California State University at Los Angeles. She has vast nursing experience including Public School Nursing and Nursing Administration.Evelyn Allen Johnson was a U.S Cadet nurse during World War II.

Pillar of Salt

A lesson in history, life and race tops this classic novel about Black life in America during the Great Depression years of the 1930s. It’s such an eye-opening filled with drama and an understanding of tragedy, violence and love. Pillar of Salt is for both the Black and White reader to experience and become educated on the social turmoil of America. Another powerful novel abut emotions and life’s lessons. –Portia A. Scott, Atlanta Daily World

Evelyn is an award winning author, having received the Vassie D. Wright Award for her novel, “My Neighbor’s Island”, a novel about a well to do black family moving into an all white neighborhood. Mrs. Johnson has also written numerous other works including a book of poetry, “A Nurse’s Notes”. She plans to write two more books, both based on slavery and stories told to her by her Great Grandmother, a daughter of an African Princess and her master.


What The Readers Say

Evelyn Allen Johnson

Upcoming Book

I dedicate this book to those employees who work diligently, in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF’’s) to give quality care to those Patients entrusted to their care. These workers, skilled in the care of their long term patients, provide physical care as directed by standards defined by state laws and patient needs. Some needs, however, cannot be defined or measured. Among which are love, consideration and patience. Since these requisites can- not be measured, monetary compensation is not forthcoming. In spite of this factor, employees give of themselves instinctively and generously to meet the complete needs of patients. I con- sequently love, support and honor them with the dedication of this book.

-Evelyn Allen Johnson, R.N., B.S.N., PH.N,

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